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The Cleric and The Other Classes


Being in a party with a cleric - Being the cleric of the Party

At the beginning of the game, you have to choose a character to play with. Some players create at first one character of each class and play a bit with each to decide which one suits to them the most. Some others just pick up randomly what they think they will like the most. Rare are those who level simultaneously several of their characters, which usually leads to one player being particularly specialized in one class.
Fiesta Online is a game in which parties really matter (KQ, Raids, Abyss, dungeons ... etc). You will need a cleric one day or the other, and clerics definetely need the other classes to level.

It's not rare to hear players saying "this cleric sucks", "this mage blahblah" "Fail tank"... . The main problem is - on my opinion - more about a lack of knowledge of the others classes than about a failure from the players. You may be awesome, if you don't know how the other classes' work, problems are likely to happen when you need to cooperate and party with each other. Everything is a question of point of view and what seems logical for you may not be for the other classes. No big deal, but really little things can make your cleric's life easier, and so yours aswell.

[This is just my way to conceive it. Everything happened to me but I may be wrong, don't hesitate to correct it, add tips or problems that often occur. <3 Ofc, everything depends on what players you play with. It's meant to help a bit, not to give an absolute solution (tbh, I don't think I do half the things I say here but ... that's the effort that counts 8D ... doesn't it? D: )

I really want to know how other clerics feel about it, as much as how other classes see the clerics, the problems that usually occur with a cleric ... let's talk about the clerics' condition!]


Fighters, Mages, Archers, (Clerics): Take care of your cleric


- Don't rely too much on your cleric. True, he is supposed to keep you alive. True, it's his job. Neverthless, your cleric can't go beyond the capacities of his skills. Don't hesitate to use stones or pots when needed! No need to use stones everytime you're wounded but, if you see that your health is going below 50%, that your cleric has already used Heal, Rejuv, Heal and is now waiting while mobs are still hitting on you, you should really consider to help him a bit before it gets critical for you. Having one or several clerics in your party shouldn't prevent you from keeping and eye on your health and your teammates'.

- Clerics are not invincible, and if they die - even if they are not supposed to die that easily - it might lead to you having a hard time to come. The main reason why a cleric usually ends lying on the floor comes from the fact that many healers make a priority of keeping their teammates alive over healing themselves (which makes sense since this is what they're meant to do.) The healing skills of the clerics are various but also limited; the really effective ones are "heal" and "rejuvenate". The latter has a consequent cool time which means that, even when empowered, it can't be properly spammed.

- Stay in range as much as possible. The casting distance is 18.0 for Heal and Restore,15.0 for Rejuvenate. I'm thinking about KQs such as Robo or MD where party members split and the cleric has to run different ways to be able to heal - which often leads to death penalties, a choice has to be made D: . If he can't reach you in time, your cleric will just be able to look at your health going down without being able to do anything, which is a real heartbreaker.

- Be indulgent! It takes long before learning how to heal decently ( TR is the first area that really makes clerics train on my opinion.), don't expect miracles!

- A happy cleric is a more efficient cleric. 8D More accurately: An upset cleric is less efficient; especially if he is rehashing or wondering if he should or not let you die [cf: § 2.9]. A cleric likes helping, wants to help but he is not a slave - unless if he asks to be one, some may find it fun! Cuddle him and he'll grow stronger!



Parties: Full Parties, or KQ = Big Pulls. Clerics are not meant to be tanks. They are supposed to be able to handle enough hits to focus on the other party members' health. You have the skills to get the aggro from them, don't hesitate! (Please, full STR fighters <3 ) Moreover, concentrating the heals on one tank is easier than having to protect a fighter + a mage.

Tip: Pull > Demoralizing Hit > Mock > run back > go back to the mobs > Devastate. (Thanks Massacre <3 )

Pay attention to the mobs attacking from range, especially mages whose attacks can be fatal to your cleric. Fighters sometimes run into a bunch of melee mobs and don't pay attention to those attacking from further; the cleric will automatically get the aggro from them and the aoe of your aggro skills may not be able to reach them. Run to them, aggro and it's fixed in a blink of an eye.

KQs:(Especially MD Boss and KKP slime mini Boss) If you can't tank, don't. You can still take care of the mobs around. No need to die every two seconds and ask for a revive when clerics are busy somewhere else!

Duo: Not much to say about fighters...oh yeah! Please...clerics are begging you ... axes out! A fighter with 1 handed sword/shield and a cleric ... do I need to say more?


You can deal damages ... have fun! That's all we ask from you <3

The aoes dropping can be tricky. If you can chain Nova-Inferno -which is often enough to kill all your mobs quickly- it's fine. Inferno has a longer cool time than Nova and it may happen that you drop your Nova and have to wait a bit before dropping a second one or your inferno which has still a bit of cool down left. Tip: if you are particularly squishy run round into your aoe -and not away from it- until you can drop the second one. Standing still will lead you to get quick hard damages, which you don't want.

Even full +9ed, extended with epic gears, mages remain quite squishy. Being with a cleric doesn't prevent you from being careful; if you pull an insane amount of mobs, you'll get one-hitted and there is nothing your cleric will be able to do.

Dodge or stand clear from the Bosses' aoes. Healing tanks can be quite a hard job, which becomes even harder if there are squishy mages to heal at the same time.

Tip: Magic Eruption at lower levels: Very few damages but useful to get the aggro back to yourself. No casting time. Don't hesitate to use it fast if you see that some mobs are likely to pay a visit to your cleric or already on their way to leave you.

Don't forget to dispell. We can take care of poisons and diseases but you're the only ones that can dispell, what mages hardly ever do automatically.


Avoid using Speed Scrolls. If it's necessary when you solo, you're gonna lose your cleric behind if you do so with him. True, your cleric can use one aswell but it's pretty expensive, and rare are the clerics that need to run: Considering how expensive they are it would be a waste to buy some. You don't need them anyway, your cleric watches your back. Oh btw, keep an eye on your cleric when you're kiting. Follow is easy to break but hard to get back when running after an archer, just slow down a couple of seconds or turn around to give him time to put on follow again.

Nature's Protection. In a full party, use it only if you can't tank the mobs, or if your cleric is already busy healing two people or more. No need to use it everytime you aggro a few mobs; if your cleric is healing you at that moment, he will be the one that's gonna get the mobs which can be a pain since a full party usually aggroes a lot of mobs and some may be already attacking the other members, which will make him unable to heal properly.

Please, make it a Challenge! It is particularly boring for a cleric to heal a good archer kiting. Remove your gears? Pull insane amounts of mobs? Whatever works but give it some fun! 8D


It may sound odd or useless but being two clerics in a party doesn't automatically mean that one has to heal, one has to fight. Take care of each others. Examples: Raids/Full party KQs Those situations often lead to a lot of damages being quickly made to the DD and tanks in the same time. Unfortunately, if the players' HP is more and more extended, there is no Heal amount extender. On those occasions, clerics need to spam everything they have to keep everyone alive and don't have time to heal themselves. It'll be a lot appreciated if you heal your fellow cleric when he is struggling with healing others.

To sum it up...

- Make damages (more, more, always more!) - Try to keep your cleric clear from the mobs so he can focus on healing you - Be ready to heal yourself just in case


Clerics - Your mission if you accept it: keep everyone alive. (... or pretty much in a good shape.)


- Clerics are the only class that can heal and ... huum ... and ... let's be honest, that's pretty much the only thing we can do. (Please don't tell me that Cleric can deal damages, that's not quite accurate! 8D ) Privilege the heal over the fight. The low levels make a lot of clerics think they can be a soloing class and get the reflex of running to the mobs to kill them. Too many clerics, especially in low levels KQs go to the mobs as soon as possible and heal from time to time when it gets critical or when people around start shouting at them. There is a reason why you can heal and others can't. I've been said this is something that still happens at High Levels, and it shouldn't, even if you go for HK and you're full STR. Paramedics don't use guns, even if they are a part of the military system. That's the same for clerics. You can fight in case you need to but your main purpose is to keep people alive. What would you say if a fighter didn't tank, a mage didn't use aoes or an archer didn't poison?

- Don't wait for the very last time to heal. Who knows what's gonna happen next (lags, screen freeze, respawn ...)? Low levels clerics often happen to wait for the critical moment, in order to make profits of the max amount of HP they can heal. ("I can heal 400HP, I don't need to heal now you've just lost 200"). Especially when you're in a full party, don't take any risk and heal, heal, heal whenever you can.

- I usually don't do it myself - shame on me - but it's important: keep yourself alive. One of your teammates is about to die? So are you? Well, no remorses, keep yourself alive and then your partner if he survived. You alive, you can revive them and keep on healing the survivors. Dead ... well, your party has time to die many times while you make your way back to the spot. (Oh yeah, because when your cleric dies, he also has to have a nice stroll through the map to get back to you.) If you die, there is much to bet your partners will have a hard time. Use Stones! You've enough of them (contrary to the other classes) and they don't cost that much to you. I know you're a cleric, I know you consider you shouldn't have to use stones since you can heal but don't hesitate. Same for pots in extreme cases. Since you hardly use them you must have plenty of spare HP pots available if you need. Use,use, don't be greedy.

- Mind the aoes of the bosses. In some cases like MD or GH it can be a problem for you. (MD: Damages / GH: Stun).

- Buffs: Try to buff all your party members on a row, beginning by yourself. Then, have a look regularly to the remaining time on your own buff; it will allow you to rebuff your entire party a few minutes before all the buffs run out when you're in the middle of a pull. For those who buff with a life set, it also means that you won't have to rush at the last minute to change your gears. Not hard to do and it makes life easier. + don't forget to use Protect and Resist aswell!

- What is a cleric? Clerics are sensitive, nice things born in rose bushes. They wouldn't be able to hurt a bee, even if they wanted to. They rely on others but their nature makes them be the ones people rely on. You've played your cleric for quite a while? Now you must know what to expect from your class. If you disagree with it, change it now, it won't go for the better.



Even without doing any damages, clerics can aggro a lot depending on the way they use their skills. Beware and get to know which of your skills might get the aggro off your partners. Be careful. If it might be useful for you to get the aggro if you duo with really squishy players, remember that it will be hard for you to keep it. It is usually better if you don't get the aggro. Sometimes the situation requires you as a "tank" ... kinda. Evaluate the situation and use your skills according to it.

High Aggro: Rouse (Awaken) > Rejuvenate.

Middle Aggro: Heal (can generate a high aggro when spammed),

Normal/Low: Invigorate < Restore < Recover

Invigorate < Restore < Recover < Heal < Rejuvenate < Rouse

Rouse: Both tricky and useful. Don't consider Rouse as a proper heal but your own "Mock". This is your main aggro skill. It can be useful to Max Empower it on CD. [Heals 800HP only]

Invigorate: Hardly aggroes, kitable and useful. If you drop it correctly all your party members can be healed 840 HP [1] to 2136 HP [5] over time. Try to keep it always active. You're gonna like it <3



Even if the mages usually get the aggro off you by dealing damages on the mobs, it's always better for you to stand close - or at least not too far- to your mage. It can happen that some mobs decide that your are a better target and go for you. In that case, don't attack, just run to the aoe and wait for the mage to take the aggro back.

Mages are pretty vulnerable when they drop their aoes. Casting Invincible just before the mobs reach the mage using Nova/Inferno can spare you a rush at healing the DD. Once more, don't wait to heal. Mages casting their aoes take a lot of hits and die fast. You might have to spam everything you have! (Casting Quicken before any use of Invicible can be useful!)

Raid Tip (Aeraz): If a mage gets attacked by a Kallap coming from behind during a raid, his only chance to survive the aoe to come is to be invicibled. Try to always have invicible ready to cast, just in case.


Duo: Put yourself on follow. That's not being lazy. Healing an archer while running everywhere behind and trying to predict where he is going to go next is a mission (you can make it a game for a few minutes but not a lot more, that's pretty annoying tbh). Follow = use kitable skills only or you'll break the follow every two seconds and have a hard time to get it back .

Kitable: Heal, Invigorate. [Rejuvenate (Aggro!), Rouse (Aggro²!!)], Recover, Buffs, Cure, Quicken. [U]Non Kitable:[/U] Invicible, restore, Bash, Trip, Bleed, Revive.

Combo Invigorate/heal and you're ready for a run. That's mainly what you'll need to do if you duo with an archer. Avoid using Rejuvenate and Awaken. (Aggro)

/!\ Kiting: Watch your aggro. There is nothing more annoying for an archer than losing the aggro when kiting, especially if you're not on follow. The mobs will split and this is gonna be messy, he won't be able to attack properly, will need to get back the mobs off you. Loss of time, sp and so, xp.

Parties:There is usually no problem with archers in parties.


Duo: The "advantage" you have when questing duo with a fighter is that he doesn't necessarily needs you, he usually doesn't need you. Well ... Try not to die of boredom (or drag slyly your fighter to an area filled with mages where you'll have more fun. That's up to you.). Attack those mobs and pretend to be incredibly powerful. Use Invigorate, Rouse and Recover from time to time. No need to change your target that way. Yeah, we are also lazy. Pretty boring but still better than soloing or standing behind the fighter doing nothing but using restore.

Party Tank: Make it your priority. As long as the tank can hold the aggro, the rest of the party should be safe.

/!\ Don't Heal the tank before he used Mock or you're gonna make him lose the aggro, especially when he is trying to pull the mobs before using devastate.


Clerics (Cf: § 1.5)

Empower those heals to max CD/Power!!!!! [Even Rejuvenate that people intend to empower on CD only.] With more and more players extended, it may be hard to heal, even with points on Power. [/!\ You absolutely can't do without 5 points on both CD & Power on Heal and Rejuvenate.]

HL Clerics, train your cleric Academy Members. Try to take new cleric apprentices for whom it will be easier to ask for advices, questions...etc. This may spare them the time we all took to discover everything by ourselves before finding out what was better to do...and finally appears to be quite obvious; it just take ages to find it out by yourself.

Shortcuts are your best friends - Get to know your keyboard

This allows you to keep an eye on everything happening around you, the mobs' moves and your mates' health without having to focus your attention on dragging your mouse to the skills. Heal / Rejuvenate / Invigorate / Rouse are those who really need to be on shortcut on my opinion.

  • Heal because of the spam.
  • Rejuvenate because of the combo with heal.
  • Invigorate because you need to choose the Aoe and it takes longer to drag your mouse to the skill and then come back to select your aoe. (Tip: can be easier to shortcut invigorate with the middle button of your mouse o: )
  • Rouse because you need to be able to cast it fast to get the aggro back.

- Calculate what's the combo that makes you heal the most and the fastest way. Heal > Rejuvenate > Heal is known to be an efficient way to heal fast but everything depends on what the configuration of your party is. Don't underestimate how useful invigorate can be. In tough situations it can spare you precious seconds.



Aoutch! Tough point. What usually happens? 1 - Clerics don't join pvp because it's boring for them. 2 - Clerics join and go afk for 20mn. 3 - Clerics don't attack but go for the hammer only. 4 - Clerics expect people not to attack them because they don't attack the others.

1 = Strategy mistake. You already have problems level and you lose a chance to get a free and fast xp you would take ages to grind by yourself. No matter what happens, it's useful. Join! Don't avoid it, don't go afk. Why not doing it a cleric way? Buff everyone at the beginning of the KQ (because ofc, as a cleric, you're a justiciary and you like equity, don't you?) and entertain that aera of murder. Have fun, dance, calm down the surrounding hatred. Don't add dramas. Your cleric situation is hard enough, don't join the list of the PVP drama makers. Why not using those 20 minutes to train your social skills? Most of the time, people that like to party with you won't attack you unless if they get the hammer [true, it would be useless anyway, they usually can't kill you 1.1! but, as I said, Clerics' most useful skill remains for me their social ability and the fact that they usually are helpful]. Aoutch! "You never attack me but when you have the hammer!" What cleric never said that in pvp? Take a deep breath and go back to the middle to make the show. You won't deal damages anyway and if you don't want to be a hammer spammer, at least you can have fun! Taunt people by running naked and healing yourself, reviving everytime and going back to the middle? Just have fun, that's pretty much all you can do!


Keep a Cool Head and Breathe

It's easy for a cleric to get pissed at other players. We are considered as healing slaves, someone dies and its our fault (especially when you feel responsible for it and players blame you when you ALREADY feel bad and you KNOW it's your fault :3 ), some people seem to consider it's our duty to buff even when we are afk, we get spammed in whispers, "buff plzzzzzzz" seems to be our class name, we have to run through the square of Elderine to avoid being harassed, party members don't pay attention to little things that makes it a pain for us to heal, your party dies and everyone expects you to hurry up to come back to revive all of them when they could have walked aswell, it's rare to hear any compliment or even a single "thank you" when we don't even notice complains and insults anymore, we hardly get drops because rare are the people that put it on sequential and we are usually outside of the aoes, we can't decently farm on our own, people don't consider it important to party a cleric soloing ... [*hinthint*]

Should I carry on? xD Anyway. The Cleric Syndrom. I know. This game is unfair to us. Keep your head clear, breathe - breathe again if needed - and stay calm. Use the method that works the best for you, make yoga, shout in front of your screen ... whatever works. [B] [COLOR="Red"][U]/!\ Don't:[/U][/B][/COLOR] - Let your partner die. It can make you feel better for a few seconds - sweet revenge <3 - but it weirdly leads other players to be mad at clerics and start complaining ... which will make you even more angry. - Let your tongue get wilde. I said it earlier ... train-your-social-skills-ftw! - Give up.

You can ...:- ...buff. When they asked for "buffff pllzzzzz" they didn't precise it had to be T4 life buff. T1 works too. Oh btw ... Immune is a buff aswell. Remember you don't HAVE TO buff - even if most of us will do it anyway. As long as it remains a choice in your head, it'll be easier to buff everyone ^^ - Explain nicely not once, not twice ... but as many times as possible before taking more extreme measures, depends on your patience! - None takes the aggro off you? You've said it nicely many times? You have Teva? Die again and again and don't use your mount to come back. After several times waiting for you because they can't do it on their own, I'm pretty sure they'll do their best to keep mobs away from you. Advantage: walking gives you time to chat which you can't do while healing! - Relativize. Keep in mind this is not automatically your fault (tough part for a cleric). Once you know it was not, have fun. They are noobs, they really think they own, they don't even notice how much they fail, zimglol,lmao, ######, beeeeeeep, bù!*$^$ù <autocensored>... whatever xD ... thinking it is not breaking the rules as long as you don't say it, and it may help you get a lot better! Remember that we are the nice ones ;) - Block. I hardly use it, except for spammers but it happened to be useful once. If you don't see anything people tell you, you don't need to be mean, you don't have to have any remorses. You didn't say no, since according to your chat box ... none asked you! Conscience: clear! - Find your cleric a nice name (cf: wkd = Idontbuff <3). MayIhaveabuffpleasesweetie? [B][U]

- Concentrate all your might on trying to summon the Great God of Humour \o/. -> Buy level 20 armors & weap and try to make your way incognito through Elderine. -> Dress up like a witch (cs) and pretend to be a mage ( /!\ hide titles and remove weapon/shield!). If you're really sneaky, you can even buy the mage dance to make it more credible 8D -> Ask for something in return for a buff. "A dance for a buff!" (Thanks Benny <3 ) -> Shout for a Buff Meeting at a particular point. (Often Shutian) You can even make them go for a Hide and Seek. If people hear there is a T4life buffer ready to buff somewhere in Eldy I swear they will try to find you. And it's funnier :3 -> My favourite one. The Buff Rush. You have no choice. You have to go to Shutian, you can't avoid it, hide or wait for people to go to bed. Fine. Get a stopwatch, take a breath, close your eyes two seconds, clear your mind and there you go, straight to Elderine's square. Buffing machine Mode. You have a few seconds to buff everything your eyes meet. It usually takes a few minutes to buff everyone in Elderine, and that way assures you none will ask for buff for the next ten minutes. Buffbuff whatever can be buffed, even mushies (who knows, maybe they won't be afk anymore a few minutes later!), look for people everywhere! You've done your job and players are usually happily surprised. Advantage: your mood won't be ruined by people harassing you for buffs! Be careful and get ready. Some new players can enter the city at any time and you've to be prepared to buff them before they ask!

Keep in mind that, whatever happens, we are not the only ones that have hard times. After all, they do all the killing part and they get our xp for us, they need us but we totally rely on them. What would we do without them? Solo? Have fun! <3 You would probably end snatching your hair and turn crazy pretty quickly. Mages, fighters and archers are our killing slaves ... and they seem to be fine with it! :3

To be continued ... ;)

Cleric and Dawn of The Spirit

[Clerics & Dawn of The Spirits] [89-105]


Clerics & Dawn of The Spirits (89-105)

Levels 89 to 100, Paladin changes.

There is no major change between the levels 89 and 100 in the cleric's skills or way to heal. If it's said to be easier for some mobs for the cleric to get aggro first, you have to be sure that your mage is gonna kill them fast once you get the aggro; indeed, the mobs of the new maps hit pretty hard, even on a cleric and you won't be able to hold the aggro for long if you're with a mage. What's most likely to happen is that the aggro is gonna split up and you're gonna be both attacked by mobs which can be pretty dangerous sometimes. Start to seriously take care of your own life, those places are scareh sometimes D: For the archers, think about starting to use Speed Scrolls. Indeed, new mobs hit pretty hard and if you don't use scrolls, your archer is gonna take a lot of hits - no matter how good his defense is - you'll have to heal a lot, and this is really possible you get the aggro from several mobs ... that still hit hard. Then ofc, you'll have to heal yourself, ... plus the archer = even more aggro and ... this is messy and stressful D: Using speed scrolls lowers the hits taken by the archer and so the aggro you'll generate by healing. [U]Tip:[/U] Depending on the situation. Try a way first and adapt according to the mobs... kay that's not really a tip xD The tip is: you never know, beware >:E

New Attacks & Skills

Whohooo! Finally a new attack! (you'll get a new one at level 100!) Less damages than the other two, longer CD, highest SP consumption of all your skills ... anyway, that's still a bit better I guess, enjoy and gogo kill! xD

- Mighty Punch [01] 2634 ~ 3160 [02] 2897 ~ 3476 of Extra Attack Power (Hammer) (95-99)

- Mighty Chop [01] 2340 ~ 2809 [02] 2574 ~ 3089 of Extra Attack Power (Maces) (95-99)

Levelling on a cleric

Levels 89 & 90 are easier to do with the repeatables only. Yes I know you've been doing it for ages, you're bored with them, the way to Flaming Mine is looong, but this is still the fastest way for you to level for now. You shouldn't go grind that fast, you'll have enough to do after and I promise you'll hate it, so take it easy for now, breathe and go deal with Fire Chickens. Nevertheless, if none you're grinding with can handle Blackbears or LN, try to go on phouches with a squishy archer or mage if you have a second cleric in party. Considerate doing a double-tanking, which helps a lot and his doable even at levels 92-93 (done with pinnen); both clerics pull on side each of the spot and bring them in the middle. Then they do nothing but spamming Rouse and spam healing themselves. Rouse will allow them to be both healed 900x2HP every seven seconds and generate a high aggro with the spam heal, which should be enough for the mage or archer to kill the mobs safely. Dont be afraid of being nothing but a punching ball sometimes 8D

Best way to xp 91 - 100, with a cleric

- Spam HRW KQ ("High" xp from the mobs and from the success Reward - compared to what you get from grinding, yeah it worth it!) - Spam PVP at 95. Even if the xp is not that good, this is still 3M-1M you can get in 15mn, not that much but still something <3 - If you can survive and afford it, the best way to level is to LN up to levels 102-103 and then go for BBs at levels 103-104.

Otherwise, if you can't, the best mobs to grind on are: Solo: Big mudmen (Swamp of Dawn), Raplans (Cave of), Books (Cave of Memories) (around 1% and hour up to 95, 0.25% an hour from 95 to 1xx) [U]Duo Archer:[/U] Living Statues, Shadows (ToS), Big Mudmen (SoD) (3% to 4.5% an hour up to 95) Duo Mage: Phouches, Blackbears (AR) (not that good exp before levels 98-99 though)

  • Tip: try to get a noob character in your party (up to level 20) to get a xp bonus <3

Quests: For the quests of the levels 91 to 100, you should hand them in at the level you've been given them. I really advice you to save all your quests from the level 100 to the level 104; levels 103 and 104 are a real hell to grind at and you'll need a lot of quests which will spare you several days of tears. (Rewarding them all at 104 gives more than 30%, which is, in the end, not that much considering how long it takes to grind the 70% left). No need to try to save some before. The xp those quests will give you is not big enough to make a difference at 104 and you won't be able to save more than 20 quests anyway. It would be a shame you give up close to the cap because grinding those levels is a pain ;_;


HolyKnights and Guardians

Job Change

The main question when reaching that point, if you haven't thought about it yet - you should have had pleeeeenty of time before though xD - is what class to go for. Well basicly, HK are built for pvp, "clanking" and easier "solo" when Guardians are supportive healers only. Holy Knights use maces and are preferably full str, str/spr, str/dex whereas Guardians are usually full end, end/spr or end/dex and use Hammers. This should also be taken into consideration when choosing your class, even if there is no absolute rules, do whatever you think useful for the way you play ^^.

Once the jc done, you'll see that the difference between HK and Guardian is really noticeable, at least on my opinion. It becomes easier for the HKs to tank thanks to their crit buff and their higher defense when the guardian stays more and more back and don't get any great changes. Actually the choice you make really matters in the way that this cap really favorizes HKs over Guardians, for this cap. If you're still not sure what to go for, you can still take a bit of time and keep on levelling without doing the JC yet. Are you more a polyvalent one or supportive only? Do you prefer to be back or to be able to tank if necessary? Do you want to pvp? Do you prefer defense and HP or do you want to be able to heal more? Maces or Hammers? Do you plan on waiting for next cap or do you think that you'll have time to die of old age before it comes? Once you get all those questions answered, go for the job change to finally change your class. 8D

The Job Change itself is pretty easy, fun and relaxing compared to the level 60 Job Change which is a real pain for clerics. Actually, there is no "proper" Job Change; the quest begins with the Water Stone in Alberstol Ruins which will send you to the Earth Stone (), which will send you to ... basicly every NPC will send you to another one. Try to keep an eye on what they say or you will get lost quickly and you'll have to run through all the maps to find the next one (I did it! 8D). The whole aim of the Job Change is to answer one question: What's the most important. To answer that question, Kiera will send you to different NPCs that will give you three different answers: Love, Adventure, Ambition. First, Kiera will want to be sure you have the support of some people and will send you get some stones from AR NPCs. Once done, impressed that people trust you, she will send you to find the answer to that question. After asking them and went back to Kiera, you'll have to get the blessing of the Elemental Stones, to get inspired by the power of nature. Go back to Kiera and she will ask you what you finally think is important: Love, Ambition, Adventure or Everything. Don't stress, the answer you give won't affect your job change[Choose Everything, idk if it works with the other ones but it works with that one :3]. Then, she will give you the choice between going for Guardian or Holy Knight and ask again once you chose, in case you miscliked. Hophophop, that's done, you've made your Job Change!

NPCs you have to talk to, in the right order

[Water Stone, AR: Beginning of Job Change Quest

- Earth Stone, AR -

- Wind Stone, AR -

- Fire Stone, AR -

-Town Chief Kiera, AR -

- Blacksmith Mercudo, AR -

- Skill Master Paella, AR -

- Item Merchant Geric, AR -

- Town Chief Kiera, AR -

- Town Chief Roumenus, Roumen -

- Elf Lord Elbama, Elderine -

- Adrian, Forest of Mist -

- Kid Woz, Elderine -

- Town Chief Kiera, AR -

-Elemental Stones - (Check your map)

- Finally AR again: Town Chief Kiera: Job Change -]

Once the Job Change completed, the funny part comes. You'll have to go to every town and talk to every NPC to be given rewards (T5 potions, T5 protection, dexterity and strength potions, T5 scrolls, T4 stones ... etc ) Don't forget to go check Sand Hill, Forest of Mist and Burning Rock.




You're now a Guardian. You may have noticed you got a HP boost right after your class change. (Can't remember how much exactly but I'll update it later, it should be around 400HP if I'm not mistaken.). Go buy your new skills as soon as you can, and enjoy. Don't forget to go to Nina's to buy Dispell Field (30 000 Fame). Don't worry about the fame, it'll be soon recovered with your 1xx quests and you'll be full again in no time. There is no quests to get it from this time, so, you don't need to wait and see if you'll get it later, just go buy it.

Upgrades / New Skills


Rebirth: Once applied on a friendly target, it'll allow him to be automatically revived if he wants when he dies. Handy skill. Last for: 04:00 / Cast. time: Immediate / CD: 01:20 Target: Self / Friendly Empowerement: 5 (or 4) points on CD, in case you need to have it applied on a full party.

Dispell Field: It can be confusing in the beginning and you may think it doesn't work, but it does. Just be careful, DF is not to be casted on a target contrary to Dispell Pillar but it's actually a aoe "cure" (cf: Target Object: Self) It will remove one debuff on each party member in range, randomly. - bugged atm when it comes to curses. Empowerement: Not needed, base CD 01:10

Dispell Pillar: Removes all the debuffs active on the target, even curses, and immobilize skills. Empowerement: Im thinking about empowering it on full CD ( 05:00 - 01:30 )

-> Guardians lose the upgrades of Protect[10][11], Endure[06][07], [B]Bash [13][14],Mace Mastery

Guardians don't really lose the Mace ability, and will be still able to use the attack skills they have, even the upgrades of Bleed if they want to, but they won't upgrade the mace mastery. Moreover, the Guardians' skills Rebirth, DF and DP work with equiped hammer only, so it kinda makes sense to say that Guardians will drop maces anyway, because switching from maces to hammer everytime you need to use your special abilities is not the easiest thing ever. If you have to remove an immobilize on a mage kept by a boss, this is better if you don't have to switch your weapon first. It'll spare you a few useful seconds.

How to keep Rebirth active and efficient on all the party members at the same time?

It can happen, in certain circumstanses, that Rebirth has to be applied on the full party at the same time. Since it lasts for 04:00mn only, it has to be casted again every time it is available, to be sure the five party members have it on all the time.

Basicly:Rebirth fully empowered on CD = 00:56 / CD Quicken: 04:00 / Duration of Rebirth: 04:00[/I]

00:00 Quicken + Rebirth on yourself and on the tank or on the main DD which is more likely to get the aggro /depends on the tank and dds, it's up to your appreciation/

01:00 Wait for Rebirth to CD and Cast it on the second DD or third pty member

02:00 Wait for Rebirth to CD and Cast it on the third DD or w/e

03:00 Wait for Rebirth to CD and Cast it on the fourth DD or w/e

04:00 Quicken & Rebirth again on Tank/main DD + yourself ... and so on.

That way, Quicken should have time to CD before the next chain cast since the buff lasts for 04:00mn. If you're not sure you can cast it at the right time everytime, don't cast it the last time. That way, if you messed up the timing, you can still skip the last party member which is "less important" - and that you can still revive manually - and be sure yourself and the tank - or main dd - will have rebirth on again before it runs out. It is not hard but yeah, this is pretty annoying to have a new buff to cast every minute, especially if you have other things to do around. Most of the time, you won't have to keep it active on everyone, but who knows, it can happen. Basicly, you're the one that really HAS TO have it on, except if you use revival breaths, but why wasting talers when you have a skill of yours with the same effect...? (blahblahblah I know scrolls, blahblah D: )

What Changes?

Nothing, really. If you were already end built before job change, nothing will really change except that - okay this is something important - you won't upgrade your Protect and Endure. Since your damages already sucked anyway and I doubt you had fun hardcore solo, you won't notice a big change in your attack skills, your defence will remain the same, and so will your HP. You won't miss the upgrades of Bash since you're a support cleric, well maybe you will. Everything depends on the build and the way you played before JC. If you already went for Guardian and played that way for long before, you won't notice anything but the difference between you and those who went for HK. Oh yeah, when Endure is not bugged anymore, none will beg for you to buff, they will be like: "HK buffff plzzzzzzz", here comes the peace <3

To Sum it Up - Your attacks become even more weak - was it possible? 8D - - Your defense goes down compared to HKs (upgrades of Protect & 100LN set) - You rely even more on others to make you xp and kill the mobs. - You mainly stay back and can forget about tanking in most cases. - Your biggest strengths are your mdef and your shield block rate higher than HKs thanks to the new gears and your build.

Useful Empowerements - Heal: Full Power, Full CD (Full SP) - Rejuvenate: Full Power, Full CD - Awaken: Full CD - Rebirth: 4/5 points on CD - Dispell Pillar: (some points on CD)

Class Related Sets


[COLOR="PaleGreen"][U]Solar Eclipse Eleaza Armour[/U][/COLOR] - level 100 Green - Guardian (same stats at 95 blue) [COLOR="PaleGreen"]Solar Eclipse Eleaza Top:[/COLOR] 261 Def / 247 M.Def / 106 Eva [COLOR="PaleGreen"]Solar Eclipse Eleaza Pants:[/COLOR] 198 Def / 189 M.Def / 126 Eva [COLOR="PaleGreen"]Solar Eclipse Eleaza Boots:[/COLOR] 150 Def / 142 M.Def / 97 Eva

[COLOR="MediumTurquoise"][U]Advanced Protection Set [/U][/COLOR]- level 100 blue - Guardian [COLOR="MediumTurquoise"]Advanced Protection Helmet:[/COLOR] 267 Def / 187 M.Def / 120 Eva / Aim +50 [COLOR="MediumTurquoise"]Advanced Protection Armor:[/COLOR] 409 Def / 285 M.Def / 172 Eva / HP +800 [COLOR="MediumTurquoise"]Advanced Protection Pants:[/COLOR] 310 Def / 218 M.Def / 139 Eva / SP +1000 [COLOR="MediumTurquoise"]Advanced Protection Boots:[/COLOR] 235 Def / 164 M.Def / 107 Eva / Crit +7% 2 Piece Effect: 30% SP consumption reduction - Mighty Punch 3 Piece Effect: 30% SP consumption reduction - Awaken 4 Piece Effect: 30% power increase - Awaken [SIZE="1"]Ty Aeraz (<3)[/SIZE]

[COLOR="Plum"][U]Advanced Holy Set[/U][/COLOR] - level 95 dungeon blue - Cleric or higher [COLOR="Plum"]Advanced Holy Helmet[/COLOR]: 187 Def / 119 Mdef / 87 Eva / +50 Aim [COLOR="Plum"]Advanced Holy Armor[/COLOR]: 286 Def / 182 Mdef / 125 Eva / +700 Max HP [COLOR="Plum"]Advanced Holy Pants[/COLOR]: 217 Def / 139 M.Def / 101 Eva / SP +700 [COLOR="Plum"]Advanced Holy Boots[/COLOR]: 165 Def / 105 M.Def / 77 Eva / Crit +6% 2 Piece Effect: Increases by 30% the recovery amount of Restore Skill 3 Piece Effect: Reduces SP consumption rate of Invigorate Skill by 30% 4 Piece Effect: Increases the effect Duration of the Invigorate Skill by 30%

Since the effects of the 95 are not that useful for the cleric's sets and that the 100 greens have the same def, mdef and eva as them, maybe this is better for you to use the Eleaza set instead of a 95 one; actually, the 100 greens happen to be better statted than the 95 sets you can find atm. [keep in mind that the green tops will never have HP boost though]

If you compare the stats of the protection & Trust Sets, you'll also notice that HKs set has more defence on every part but us Guardians have a better mdef.

[U]In your gears, seek for:[/U] [B]- END - SPR[/B] - (DEX)

You need to concentrate on surviving, nothing more, and get high enough def and mdef to be able to focus on heals without having to care about your own life. If you're end built, your shield block rate should be already pretty high and the 100LN Protection set will increase your mdef.

[center]~Guardian New Skills~



[B][U]V/ Holy Knight (To be completed by whoever wants to help <3 )[/U][/B] ~ working on it though

[B][U]a) Upgrades / New Skills[/U][/B]


[U]Deadly Blessing:[/U] Self/Friendly buff that gives the target 100% crit for ... secs. Useful to keep the aggro when coupled with spam rouse. Can be casted on a friendly target which will then have a crit ability for a few seconds.

[U]Purification:[/U] Removes randomly one buff from the opponents in range.

[U]Dispell Purge:[/U] Removes absolutely all the buffs of the target, at once. Works in PvP areas only. (It won't remove any party buff, or benediction of the dragon, or guild buff)

[B][I][I][U]Useful Empowerements:[/U][/I][/I][/B] - Bash: Full Power, Full CD - -

[B][U]b) What Changes? [/U][/B]

This is going to be easier for you to tank. Thanks to your higher defence, your better damages and your crit buff you'll be able to hold the aggro better than any guardian would. You go a bit forward on the battle field and you become more polyvalent. Your heal abilities are not affected in any way and the upgrades of [I]heal [/I]and [I]rejuvenate[/I] you don't get are replaced by your higher [I]Protect[/I] and the extra HP of your [I]Endure[/I]. You become more or less a self-sufficient tank, a bit more independent and polyvalent. You'll be highly asked for in parties due to your higher buffs and the safety you give to be able to tank if needed.

Your HK skills will also make PvP a lot funnier and you'll probably piss people off by removing all their scrolls and buffs at once.

[B][U]c) Tips[/U][/B]

[B][U]d) Sets[/U][/B]

[COLOR="Orange"][U]Advanced Trust Set[/U][/COLOR] - level 100 - Holy Knight [COLOR="Orange"]Advanced Trust Helmet:[/COLOR] 297 Def / 169 M.Def / 120 Eva / Aim +70 [COLOR="Orange"]Advanced Trust Armor:[/COLOR] 451 Def / 259 M.Def / 172 Eva / HP +700 [COLOR="Orange"]Advanced Trust Pants:[/COLOR] 343 Def / 198 M.Def / 139 Eva / SP +1000 [COLOR="Orange"]Advanced Trust Boots:[/COLOR] 261 Def / 149 M.Def / 107 Eva / Crit +7% 2 Piece Effect: 30% cooldown reduction - Invincible 3 Piece Effect: 30% damage increase - Mighty Chop 4 Piece Effect: 30% SP consumption reduction - Silence [SIZE="1"]Ty Aeraz (<3)[/SIZE]

[COLOR="Plum"][U]Advanced Holy Set[/U][/COLOR] - level 95 dungeon blue - Cleric or higher [COLOR="Plum"]Advanced Holy Helmet[/COLOR]: 187 Def / 119 Mdef / 87 Eva / +50 Aim [COLOR="Plum"]Advanced Holy Armor[/COLOR]: 286 Def / 182 Mdef / 125 Eva / +700 Max HP [COLOR="Plum"]Advanced Holy Pants[/COLOR]: 217 Def / 139 M.Def / 101 Eva / SP +700 [COLOR="Plum"]Advanced Holy Boots[/COLOR]: 165 Def / 105 M.Def / 77 Eva / Crit +6% 2 Piece Effect: Increases by 30% the recovery amount of Restore Skill 3 Piece Effect: Reduces SP consumption rate of Invigorate Skill by 30% 4 Piece Effect: Increases the effect Duration of the Invigorate Skill by 30%

[U]In your gears, seek for:[/U] [B]- END - DEX[/B] - (SPR) - (STR)

The dexterity in build will allow you not to miss. Since you're more meant to make damages than Guardians, and since clerics' aim & evasion are pretty low, you should really do something to fix this, especially if you aim for PvP. It'll also fix the lack of shield block rate you don't get from the end build guardians have. SPR and STR are useful but optionnal. SPR in gears don't add crit bonus and you already have your 100% anyway, so just go for it if you want more mdef. The STR in gears adds way less damages than STR in build - well, that's not the same kind of damages, that's why. The STR in build goes below the target's armour -. So if you can, go for some STR in build and seek for END/DEX gears.

Cleric FAQ

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